Planning A Beautiful Service

When my grandmother passed away, I was astonished to learn that I had been named the executor of her estate. After splitting up her belongings amongst my aunts and uncles, I turned my attention to planning her funeral. I didn't know where to start. Fortunately, I was able to find an excellent funeral home that understood how to help people plan beautiful memorial services. It was amazing to go through the process of planning the music, the speakers, and even the set-up of the room. This blog is all about planning gorgeous memorial services for the people that you love so that you aren't left grappling with difficult decisions.

2 Important Tips For Providing Appropriate Funeral Services For Those That Have Been Cremated


As a professional in the funeral industry, you may have noticed in recent years that there has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of people that have chosen cremation services for themselves or for their loved ones. You are not alone in that observation, given that just under 4% of people in 1960 were cremated, but more than 40% of people were cremated in 2010. Therefore, it is important to understand how the rise in cremations may impact the funeral services that you offer.

Consider That More Religions Approve Of Cremation Than They Did In Previous Years...So Many People Do Not Understand Its Specifics

For many years, many religions did not approve of cremation. As a result, it was not an option for those believers for some time. As the guidelines have relaxed, the number of people being cremated has increased.

However, that sets the ground for your facility to educate people about their funeral choices and responsibilities. For example, a common misconception is that anyone being cremated cannot be embalmed; therefore, your clients may erroneously think they have a very limited period of time with which to make plans.

You will therefore have a unique opportunity to educate your clients as to the applicable time limits for cremation, as well as any local or state laws that will impact their choices. That information can help your patrons plan for appropriate funeral services if loved ones are traveling from far away or if there are only a few mourners and time is of the essence.

Remember That The Reduced Cost Of Cremation Appeals To Many People

The economic downturn that was a problem for so many people in the United States has only ended in the last few years and experts are predicting the strong possibility of a new recession as soon as this year. The increased strength of the American dollar and lower oil costs, while helpful in the short term, could be the motivating factors for that problem, at a time when economic recovery is still in progress. That obviously translates directly to the need for saving money whenever possible, especially on often-unplanned expenses like funerals.

As a result, you may want to consider funeral services and funeral packages that are more economical. Many of those clients will need to save money whenever possible, including allowing cremation.

You can further meet their needs by creating a package that trims costs wherever possible, including some or all of the following:

  • Offering off-peak hours for reduced prices of smaller halls and visitation rooms

  • Providing access to inexpensive urns

  • Clarifying the rules, laws and guidelines for embalming (and that it can often be skipped)

  • Allowing cash and paid-in-full discounts

Funeral homes like Healey Funeral Home that offer pre-planning services can help people plan affordable funerals before a death occurs unexepectly.

In conclusion, cremation is a fast-growing trend throughout most of the world, including the United States. In order to more effectively provide appropriate funeral services for individuals that have been cremated and to meet the needs of their loved ones, it is a good idea to re-consider the variety of funeral services that you offer and how cremation might influence those options.


14 August 2015