Planning A Beautiful Service

When my grandmother passed away, I was astonished to learn that I had been named the executor of her estate. After splitting up her belongings amongst my aunts and uncles, I turned my attention to planning her funeral. I didn't know where to start. Fortunately, I was able to find an excellent funeral home that understood how to help people plan beautiful memorial services. It was amazing to go through the process of planning the music, the speakers, and even the set-up of the room. This blog is all about planning gorgeous memorial services for the people that you love so that you aren't left grappling with difficult decisions.

Creative Ways For Family Members To Keep Cremated Remains Close


Scattering ashes is not an acceptable option for those who want to have their loved one close. However, that does not mean they are comfortable with keeping the ashes in a dusty, ornate urn on a forgotten shelf either. There are now numerous, innovative ways ashes can be displayed and appreciated as the treasures they are. Not every method will appeal to everyone, but there are enough options that each family should be able to find something they admire.

Plant a Tree

Memorial tree urns combine ashes with the seeds or saplings of a variety of trees. The ashes become one with the tree as it grows, creating a natural memorial marker. Obviously, for those who want their loved one close, this only works if the tree is planted on property that is guaranteed to remain in the family.

A Backyard Memorial

It is legal and safe to bury ashes in the backyard. Choose a shady spot, add a grave marker and install a bench, and it can become a meditative spot to sit and relax. This is an acceptable solution for anyone who is uncomfortable visiting cemeteries, and it helps the family to still feel their loved one is close.

Marking the Time

Ashes can be added to decorative hourglasses. These classic pieces are attractive and durable, and will look good in number of homes. They can also be engraved with personal details about the person whose ashes are inside the hourglass.

Turned to Glass

There are numerous glass companies that can add ashes to glass and create anything the customer would like. Common choices are vases and paperweights, but there are really no limits to how it can be used.

Get Permanently Inked

Anyone who has lost their soulmate may find it comforting to have their ashes with them 24-hours a day. By adding their ashes to tattoo ink, it can be possible. The ink can then be used to create a memorial tattoo, or whatever else the individual prefers. 

Choose an Urn

An urn can be any container that will securely hold the ashes. A good example is the inventor of the Pringles can, Fredric J. Baur. His ashes are stored today in an Original flavor Pringles can. Choose something meaningful to the deceased like a vintage jewelry box for grandma or inside a teddy bear for a child.

Of course, traditional urns are not exactly what they used to be. There are many available today that are art pieces that have an enormous amount of decorative appeal. Since the days and months following the loss of a loved one is such a difficult time, having a soothing and attractive reminder of them can assist with the healing. Take the time to choose wisely so their ashes are able to be properly honored over the years. 

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11 January 2016