Planning A Beautiful Service

When my grandmother passed away, I was astonished to learn that I had been named the executor of her estate. After splitting up her belongings amongst my aunts and uncles, I turned my attention to planning her funeral. I didn't know where to start. Fortunately, I was able to find an excellent funeral home that understood how to help people plan beautiful memorial services. It was amazing to go through the process of planning the music, the speakers, and even the set-up of the room. This blog is all about planning gorgeous memorial services for the people that you love so that you aren't left grappling with difficult decisions.

Why You Should Plan Your Own Funeral


The thought of choosing your own casket and buying a cemetery plot may seem a little morbid, but it actually benefits you and your family in many ways. Here are some different benefits of planning your own funeral.

You Can Get What You Want

If you are someone that has very specific wishes for your funeral and burial arrangements, then pre-planning the funeral is a great option. You are not just making notes in your will for your family to decipher as much as they can, but actual doing the planning yourself. You can visit a local funeral director and let them know if you want to be buried or cremated, or you can choose to have your remains placed elsewhere. You can choose the casket that you want, select a cemetery plot where you want it, and even choose whether you want there to be an open-casket service, wake, or visitation service. Not only do you get the funeral you hope to have, but your family knows what your wishes are.

It Causes Less Emotional Stress For Your Family

Your family will also benefit in a number of ways when you pre-plan certain parts of your funeral. One way they benefit is by not having to make these decisions for themselves. It is hard enough dealing with the loss of a loved one, but then having to choose between burial or cremation, decide on a casket, and choose the right funeral services can be overwhelming for many people. You will be able to make it easier for them by taking away this type of burden and relieve some of their emotional stress during the funeral planning process.

Many Funeral Services Can Be Pre-Paid

You will also find that many different services related to your funeral can be paid ahead of time. Not only are you letting your family know what you would like and making the arrangements, but paying for them so your family doesn't have to. For example, you can buy the cemetery plot and even buy the casket, then have the funeral director hold it for you. You might also be able to pre-pay for services like a traditional funeral, wake, visitation, and body embalming. Speak to a local funeral director to find out exactly what you can pay for now.

Cemetery Plots Are Limited

Another reason to consider planning some of your funeral arrangements now is that cemetery plots are limited. If there is a cemetery or location within a cemetery you really want, it might be gone by the time you pass away. It is a good idea to buy a plot or multiple plots now. Remember that if someday you change your mind about the location, you can sell those plots to someone else.


29 March 2016