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When my grandmother passed away, I was astonished to learn that I had been named the executor of her estate. After splitting up her belongings amongst my aunts and uncles, I turned my attention to planning her funeral. I didn't know where to start. Fortunately, I was able to find an excellent funeral home that understood how to help people plan beautiful memorial services. It was amazing to go through the process of planning the music, the speakers, and even the set-up of the room. This blog is all about planning gorgeous memorial services for the people that you love so that you aren't left grappling with difficult decisions.

2 Reasons To Utilize A Burial At Sea Service


Fulfilling your loved one's desire to be buried at sea is often a difficult endeavor as many people simply have no idea where to start with the process and what steps need to be taken. Thankfully, a burial at sea service is capable of helping you throughout the entire process by providing numerous service options that can assist with a wide range of situations and religious burial beliefs. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a burial at sea service.

Religious Views

A great reason to use a burial at sea service is that they can help you deal with religious requests when it comes to performing the burial at sea. For example, some faiths will require that the body be interred or buried at sea within a certain number of days following the individual's death. In that situation, the burial at sea service can arrange for a burial at sea in a very short amount of time to accommodate those beliefs. 

In addition, some religions do not believe in storing the remains of a loved one within the home for any amount of time. In that situation, you can often arrange to ship the ashes to the burial at sea service immediately following the cremation. At that point, you and your family can travel to the port where the ship carrying the urn is departing from and travel to the place where the ashes will be scattered.

Long-Distance Burial At Sea

Finally, you can utilize a burial at sea even if you cannot be present due to health concerns, work, or simply because you cannot afford to travel to the desired site to scatter your loved one's ashes. In that situation, you can actually contact the burial at sea service, discuss any special requirements that you may have about scattering the ashes, and where you would like the ashes scattered.

Once those arrangements have been made, you can simply ship the urn to the service and they will provide you with documentation that shows that the burial at sea took place as you desired. The documentation can also include pictures of the memorial or the scattering of the ashes.

Contact a burial at sea service today in order to discuss how they may be able to assist you in complying with your loved one's wish to be buried at sea. This type of company can accommodate a number of religious views when it comes to burying someone at sea and perform burials at sea when you cannot be present.

To learn more, contact a burial at sea company like Serenity Sea Burials. 


17 June 2016