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When my grandmother passed away, I was astonished to learn that I had been named the executor of her estate. After splitting up her belongings amongst my aunts and uncles, I turned my attention to planning her funeral. I didn't know where to start. Fortunately, I was able to find an excellent funeral home that understood how to help people plan beautiful memorial services. It was amazing to go through the process of planning the music, the speakers, and even the set-up of the room. This blog is all about planning gorgeous memorial services for the people that you love so that you aren't left grappling with difficult decisions.

3 Critical Cremation Facts You Need to Understand


Death is painful, complex, and comes at a cost. Cremation is likely to be part of a final cost on earth. This process involves the breakdown of human remains into bone fragments using a thermal, dissolution, or mechanical process. The bones are processed and pulverized into small sizes for storage or disposal. If you are planning to choose cremation to be part of your last events on earth, you need to understand how it is done and associated costs. It is also great to have this information at your fingertips if your loved one has decided to use this service.

Here are three critical cremation facts you should master.


As you look for cremation services, note that there are two cremation processes. There is an alkaline hydrolysis process and a flame-based version.

The alkaline hydrolysis process applies a water-based dissolution mechanism that breaks down the corpse into a cremated product or minute bone pieces. These hydrolyzed remains are produced from extreme heat, high pressure, agitation, and alkaline chemicals. A combination of these factors hastens natural decomposition. Unfortunately, this technology is not available in all facilities.

The use of flames is another available alternative and this process ensures you get your cremated remains after a specified thermal process. A machine called a Cremator is what produces the bone pieces. This mechanism is the most used cremation service available in cemeteries, crematories, funeral homes.

Essential elements

When looking for the best cremation services provider, ensure you understand essential elements in their price list. The first essential element is transportation. It would be great to understand how the deceased will be transported from one place to another. Secondly, the available cold storage facilities are a factor you should never ignore. This service leaves you calm, knowing that your loved one is well stored awaiting cremation.

The other essential consideration is the cremation process and handling of the end product. It can feel like a relief to have a clear plan about who will be the custodian of the final product and what will happen to it.

Available service options

This unique process has several service options. You can have a ceremony before or after the deceased is cremated. This ceremony will allow you to celebrate the life of the departed soul and offer last respect. Alternatively, you can plan a witnessing or viewing event shortly before the cremation.

Lastly, you are free to have a direct cremation. In such an arrangement, you will sort all the planning.


15 March 2022