3 Critical Cremation Facts You Need to Understand


Death is painful, complex, and comes at a cost. Cremation is likely to be part of a final cost on earth. This process involves the breakdown of human remains into bone fragments using a thermal, dissolution, or mechanical process. The bones are processed and pulverized into small sizes for storage or disposal. If you are planning to choose cremation to be part of your last events on earth, you need to understand how it is done and associated costs.

15 March 2022

3 Essential Cremation Service Book Gifts For Grieving School-Aged Children


While sending flowers to a cremation service may be a comforting gesture for adults who are mourning the loss of a loved one, that won't do much to help children. When you are planning to go to a cremation service where a child is among the mourners, bring along a gift that can help ease the immense pain the little one is likely feeling. Give a school-aged child one or more of these books to help them cope with the great loss and bring comfort to them at the cremation service.

23 November 2016

Four Ways To Make Your In-Ground Burial More Budget-Friendly


If you have your heart set on resting in the ground after you pass on, it doesn't mean you need to build up a large fortune to make it happen. There are budget-friendly options you can choose to help reduce the financial burden on yourself and your loved ones at the time of your funeral. As a bonus, some of them are eco-friendly as well as budget-friendly. Here are four ways you can customize your in-ground burial during the pre-planning stage to make it easier on your budget.

13 September 2016

Memorial Service Ideas To Incorporate In Your Family Member's Veterans Funeral Package


If your recently deceased family member was in the army for many years, and you would like to hold a memorial service in their honor that will demonstrate the respect that you have for them and describe what type of person they were, consider including the following ideas when planning the event. Personalized Buttons Select a photograph of your loved one donning the uniform that they were required to wear as an active military member.

12 August 2016

4 Little Known Facts About Funeral Planning


Planning a funeral can be a stressful time in your life. To add to it, you probably have never had to plan a funeral before, so you may not be aware of all your options to make it as stress-free and affordable as possible. Funerals are expensive, so it's important to know these four little known facts about planning a funeral for your loved one: You Are Able to Rent a Casket:  The casket is probably one of the most expensive parts of planning a funeral.

31 July 2016

How To Help An Elderly Person Get The Most Out Of Grief Counseling


Grief counseling can be a powerful tool to help bereaved people deal with their loss, get help with the grieving process, and start the healing journey. Some elderly people may be hesitant to go to grief counseling because of pre-existing attitudes towards therapy, while others may be eager to have someone objective to talk to about their feelings. Many funeral homes like Brown Funeral Home offer grief counseling, or you can ask your loved one's doctor for recommendations.

26 July 2016

Not Just For Somber Events: Think Of Booking A Funeral Home For Your Upcoming Gathering


For many people, the only time that they walk through the doors of a funeral home is to attend the service for someone who has passed away or to perhaps make their own pre-arrangements. What many people don't know, however, is that it's often possible to rent one or more of the rooms in a funeral home for reasons that don't relate to a funeral. If you're planning an upcoming event and want to consider as many venues as possible, don't shy away from visiting a few local funeral homes and asking about their availability and openness to hosting non-funeral events.

6 July 2016