What Funeral Directors Want You To Know


Planning a funeral is stressful and overwhelming for many people. All you want to do is grieve for your loved one, but you need to handle the paperwork and arrangements. You will deal with a funeral director, and here are four things they want you to know, but won't necessarily tell you. 1. Let Them Do the Planning You don't need to plan every little detail. This is not your wedding or a happy event.

28 June 2016

2 Reasons To Utilize A Burial At Sea Service


Fulfilling your loved one's desire to be buried at sea is often a difficult endeavor as many people simply have no idea where to start with the process and what steps need to be taken. Thankfully, a burial at sea service is capable of helping you throughout the entire process by providing numerous service options that can assist with a wide range of situations and religious burial beliefs. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a burial at sea service.

17 June 2016

Looking To Keep Your Funeral Home On Top Of Trends? Consider Adding Alkaline Hydrolysis To Your Cremation Services


If you're looking for a new way for your funeral home to compete in the funeral services market, it may be time to consider adding alkaline hydrolysis—also known as water cremation—to your list of services. Alkaline hydrolysis may very well be the next big thing in cremations as more people look for a truly "green" method of body disposal for themselves and their families. This is what you should know. It isn't legal in every state.

28 May 2016

Choosing A Headstone For Your Recently Deceased Loved One


When it's time to find an appropriate memorial for your loved one, you'll be faced with a number of materials, sizes and shapes. The headstone may be unique, to match the personality of the deceased, or may have to be a style consistent with the cemetery regulations. Here is how to begin your search for the perfect headstone and the options you'll encounter. Understand the Cemetery Restrictions Your first step is to get a copy of the headstone restrictions from the cemetery.

17 May 2016

Three Interesting Ways To Use Ashes After Cremation


When someone is cremated, it can be hard to know what to do with the ashes. There are some individuals who want to have their ashes spread and some who want their ashes to be saved in some way so that their loved ones can feel that they always have a piece of them. If you want to be cremated when you pass away, use the guide below to learn about a few options you may not know are available to you when it comes to the use of your ashes after you pass away.

9 May 2016

Funeral Planning 101: A Guide For New Planners


Even though planning your own funeral may not top the list as one of your most favored things to do in life, once you have the arrangements already made, it can relieve a lot of burden that you would otherwise be leaving to your family to handle. For some, the idea of making arrangements for their own funeral can be a little intimidating, but part of that intimidation comes along with inexperience.

19 April 2016

3 Easy Ways To Cut Funeral Costs By $100 Or More


Planning your funeral in advance may be one of the most responsible things you can do, but it is most likely not ideal to take on yet another expense when you are already dealing with your regular bills. After all, the full cost of an average funeral in the US comes in at $7,181. If you want to keep your funeral costs as low as possible, it is important to remember that you are in direct control of how much your final bill is.

6 April 2016